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Milk, Milk, Lemonade – Where Is Fudge Really Made?

by Bradley Moore

HERSHEY, PA - It is a mystery for the ages; a tale as old as time. Where on the earth is fudge made? For the longest time, rumor suggested that it was produced around the corner from milk and lemonade. Our attempts to reach out to Milk finally culminated with a “No comment” from the lily-white beverage. Lemonade, on the other hand, was much more cooperative. “I have been at my current location for years. Met all the neighbors, and never once has fudge opened his door to me. Searched every corner, high and low. No fudge. It is a mystery.” No one really knows where the tall tale started, but Lemonade has had enough. “Fudge would be lucky to live around the corner to me and Milk. Why is he being so difficult? Why is he hiding? Fudge can just float away for all I care.” It appears that the concern for this mystery has been flushed.



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