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Commemorate the sinking of Titanic by naming one other shipwreck

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

This past April marked 111 years since the famed ocean liner RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. And in the year of our lord 2023, people are still freaking obsessed with this boat.

So we just have to ask: do people know there are other shipwrecks? Like thousands of them. People have been trying to float across bodies of water for millennia and continuously capsized as a result. Yet everyone only pays attention to the one that got taken down by a literal chunk of ice. Let's talk about some other famous shipwrecks like Titanic.

Titanic and Other Famous Shipwrecks

What about the Lusitania? It was another whopper of a boat. And it got through a bunch of voyages, until another ship we know. It was torpedoed by a German submarine off the coast of Ireland during World War One and sank in less than 20 minutes. Did you know that? No. Because you’re too busy trying to figure out if Jack and Rose — fictional characters from a blockbuster film — were real passengers on Titanic.

Ready? Here’s another one. The oldest intact shipwreck in the world has been sitting at the bottom of the Black Sea for over 2,400 years, ignored by you. It will probably be around for another 2,000 years. Meanwhile your problematic fav of a vessel is deteriorating rapidly after a measly century.

You think 2 miles underwater is deep? The world’s deepest shipwreck, the U.S.S. Samuel B Roberts was recently discovered 4 MILES below the surface. Sorry Celine Dion didn’t write a song about it.

Is that what we have to do to get your attention? Bring a bunch of pop stars together to make a catchy song? Forget “We are the world”, it’s time to launch “We are the world’s shipwrecks”. Stay tuned.

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