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LIT Comedy is your one-stop shop for Comedy School and Comedy Shows in DC and online.  We’re passionate about comedy, and we're constantly growing & increasing the laughter in Washington DC. 


LIT started in 2010 as Hot & Sweaty, a six-person improv comedy team, and has grown to be a full Comedy School with ongoing Comedy Shows in DC. We also offer lots of online comedy classes so you can join us from anywhere!

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Our Comedy in DC Story:


LIT started in 2010 as Hot & Sweaty, a six-person long-form improv team that also performed other forms of comedy.  Nancy Safavi was the founder of the team and in addition to performing, she managed the team, booked workshops and produced the comedy variety shows for Hot & Sweaty.  Because the shows kept growing and included more than just Hot & Sweaty, in 2011, Nancy started producing the shows as "Laugh Index" (like "heat index") with Hot & Sweaty as its headliner. 

By June 2012, Laugh Index had produced many shows and its annual June show had grown into a festival which is now known as LIT Fest.  More and more individuals were auditioning for Laugh Index's Hot & Sweaty, so much so that by 2014, Laugh Index became Laugh Index Theatre ("LIT") with a regular training program and weekly shows.  In 2018, LIT Comedy Inc. was established to house LIT's numerous programs. 

Now as LIT Comedy, a comedy theatre, training center, and content creator, LIT houses over sixty performers across various and unique comedy teams that perform in our shows, which are now anywhere from one to three times a week.  


Our performers have gone on to grace the screen and stage across the country including "Last Comic Standing," Second City and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.  In addition to our shows and annual festival, LIT offers comedy classes for all levels of students, corporate training, and comedy workshops for anyone ready to "Get LIT!"

Our mission is to provide a one-stop shop for comedy in DC, to create more laughter in the city through our shows, and to provide an environment that is positive, inclusive and focused on development in our training center.  We believe comedy comes from our truth, and we want to provide a forum to share these truths while cultivating top talent with unique voices.  

DC Musical Comedy: Hot & Sweaty
DC Comedians: Hot & Sweaty
Laughy 2017
Comedy School in DC - Nancy Safavi

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