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Comedy School - LIT's Laughy

Learn comedy online! We have the best Improv Classes and Comedy Classes! LIT offers online and in-person comedy classes that provide students a fun & supportive environment while  learning the art of comedy. We have the most affordable, diverse comedy school! Whether you are a beginner looking for an Intro to Improv, or you're a seasoned comedien and want to get more creative and learn more about your craft, LIT Comedy is your best choice! Choose from Stand-Up classes, Improv Comedy classes, Sketch Writing classes, Free Improv Classes & Comedy Workshops, and Corporate Comedy Training

What Our Players Say About LIT's House Team Program
Our players anonymously evaluate our organization and house team program every season.
Ninety-three percent rated our program as "Good" or "Excellent."
Here's what they've said:


“LIT is building something special, not just for the scene but for its players, which I think a lot of theaters often forget about." 


“I am also VERY impressed by how organized LIT is — a rarity in the performance world.”


“I feel really appreciated and celebrated at LIT.”

“It's great to be involved with a group that is as interested in improvement, both individually and collectively, as this one is.”

“Truly, this is some of the most fun I've ever had while doing improv. I just adore it. ”

“I really cherish being on my team and a part of Laugh Index.”

“I have more fun with my LIT house team than any other team that I work with."


“I feel well-served by both LIT and my director.”


“A great program all around and the recent holiday show was a fantastic experience.”

“I really love my time with LIT so far and am really happy."

Online Stand-up Comedy Classes with LIT Comedy
online stand up comedy classes

Have you always wanted to try stand-up comedy, but you didn't know where to start?  Learn the basics of stand-up comedy with LIT! 


In this stand-up comedy course, you will:

  • Learn what it takes to write a joke

  • Prepare up to a 5-minute open mic set

  • Receive feedback on your material before you head to an open mic

  • Attend a free LIT show to observe other performers

  • Perform in a student showcase   

Online Improv Classes
​IMPROV 101 

If you are ready to perform improv on stage in a more challenging and creative format, this course is for you.  This course is open to improvisers of all experience levels.  In this course, you'll hone your long-form improv scene skills with focused sidecoaching as you work on a format specially selected to fit the talents of you and your classmates.


This six-week long course concludes with a performance at LIT's IMPROV WARS in Adams Morgan.  And who knows?  Maybe even more!

Sketch Night October 2017