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Are Two Masks Enough?

by Lucas Clinger

ATLANTA - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a new study related to proper mask usage. The laboratory simulations tested the number of particles that escape through a properly fitted cloth mask and another simulation using two masks. The experiments measured the number of particles that escape under a simulated cough and normal breathing. However, no test was done to simulate the number of particles that escape through a mask while breathing in a seated position, with arms crossed, wearing mittens, and a puffy coat, while shivering outside in the cold. The CDC concluded that wearing one properly fitted cloth mask is not enough to be effective in combating the spread of COVID-19 particles. Therefore, the CDC has recommended the use of two properly fitted masks to provide adequate protection. However, are two masks really enough? If two masks are more effective than one, simple elementary math would conclude that three are better than two. If three masks are better than two, why not add a fourth? Perhaps we should build up so many layers of materials to create a labyrinth, in which Covid particles become so frustrated while trying to escape the complex maze, that they simply give up. Although the pandemic is no joking matter, at least Dr. Fauci can now justify why his annual salary is larger than the President of the United States.



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