We Are A Welcoming, Progressive Office Here At Exxon Mobil

By Danny Neary

Hey, welcome to Exxon Mobil! I'm Kathleen, head of social media and I'll be giving you your tour of this fun, hip, progressive office. First things first, we want working at Exxon Mobil to be exciting and enjoyable so we make sure our break room is always fully stocked. We've got chips, kombucha, and cold brew! I consider this room my personal sanctuary and you can often find me in here chowing down on some cheez-its and holding back tears cuz #adulting amirite? Anyways, also in the break room you will find something very important to me, our recycling station. We have 4 different bins all clearly labeled with what kind of trash, recycling, or compost goes where. So be sure to follow the prompts after every meal and snack we all have to do our part to go green. Also, this is a paper straw only facility. Please try to be aware of this, we've had to discipline people before and we don't want to have to go through that a