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Update From The Guy In Improv Who Bought In Too Hard

By Danny Neary

Hey, you guys riffing? Nice, nice. Love riffing. Honestly thought it's all about the object work. Yeah, uh huh. No object work is EVERYTHING, for real. I haven't used a real spoon in months. You guys want to play big booty? Yeah, right now. Dude, you can literally always be improvising I don't care how recently your grandma died, that's all the MORE reason we should do some threeprov tonight. Ready, ah! Big booty! Big booty, big booty! What? Wow, way to No, and me...

No, I'm fine, I'm fine... Hey remember that scene, where we were all soldiers in the French Revolution and I was dating my mom? What? Oh, yeah that one was a dream. Haha, it was still great though... You guys know Del Close? Yeah, he was a GENIUS, a LITERAL genius... Yeah, no he died of a racism overdose. God, I can't wait for class to start up again. I love this class ... I quit my job at the law firm IMMEDIATELY. Oh shoot, should I not have done that?



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