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By Danny Neary

Is the news getting you down? Do you need some time to unplug? Did you book a trip to get away from all the terrible news in the world but you don't want your friends to think you've forgotten about the resistance? Then you need Trump Tracker! Trump Tracker is the only app designed specifically to keep track of all the horrifying things Trump is doing, so you don't have to! The app automatically scans the internet for news on every insane thing Trump said and did today and posts on social media for you because you are rich and that's the only form of activism you know about!

We know keeping up with this administration has become a full time job and sometimes you just need some time to relax, kick up your feet and yell at your housekeeper. That's why Trump tracker uses your voice and tone and makes sure the issues you pretend to care about stay on your timeline. In between the legs on the beach with a margarita selfie of course!

Trump Tracker: Because even the most minor effort is still too much!



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