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Trump Denies Being Sent To Hospital By Mini Corn Dogs

By Danny Neary

WASHINGTON — Firmly defending his physical health, President Trump stated that despite the rumors he was not in fact sent to the hospital by mini corn dogs. "Listen, no one loves mini corn dogs more than me, I eat two, three, maybe even six at a time, but never in my life have I been sent to the hospital because of mini corn dogs." Speaking to Fox today the President added "I'm in great health, tremendous health if I weren't then eating all those mini corn dogs in one bite might be, you know, a problem. But I don't have that problem, never have." The President's statements come after a video, which was widely circulated online, appeared to show Mr. Trump devouring large handfuls of mini corn dogs before turning beet red, and being rushed to the hospital. At press time the White House had released an official statement calling the video a deepfake and declaring the President more than capable of successfully eating mini corn dogs. This statement has since prompted thousands of the President's supporters to videotape themselves struggling to eat upwards of ten to twenty mini corn dogs in a single bite.



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