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“This Is All Too Much” Says White Man After Week Of Feigning Empathy

By Danny Neary

CHICAGO- Scrolling through Twitter having just finished working from home for two hours area man Tyler Wilkins sighed, having reached his breaking point. "It's all getting to be too much" said Wilkins. Noting that he has been doing everything he can to help the cause. "I've started reading books and Twitter threads on racism, I asked my black friend if he'd explain them to me and I even went outside to join in clapping for the protestors." Noting that he hasn't been able to leave his house because his sinuses have been acting up Wilkins stated, he's committed to fighting for systemic change and helping however he can but he's just a little tired and stressed right now. "I've got a lot going on and adding all THIS to everything. I don't know if I can keep this up much longer." At press time Wilkins had gotten back to helping the cause by using his Facebook page to explain that defund the police doesn't actually mean defund the police and pitching new, less startling slogans.



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