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This Election Is About The Issues, I have With My Dad

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

This election has been very heated, especially online. I think instead of this election being about yelling at people who support a different candidate than you it should be about the issues, I have with my dad. Every election cycle for the past many years I've had to watch angry men yell at other angry men and all it's made me think about is being surrounded by my dad and his obnoxious brothers on Thanksgiving. It's gross and unfair. I want to see a candidate on stage who represents me, a wealthy white woman who went to an Ivy League college, not a bunch of old men arguing about healthcare being a human right, or whatever they want to go on and on about. It's really pretty simple, imagine having a kind caring mother who is there for you, kisses you and tells you you can be a writer after your dad reads your essay and shrugs... as President I mean. That's what I saw in some of the female candidates and now, yet again, we're stuck with angry men who don't care about the issues I care about, like why my boyfriends all mistreat me because I am only attracted to men exactly like my father. I don't know about you but hearing Bernie yell doesn't inspire me for a political revolution it reminds me of when my dad threw a pot roast against the wall because he was so mad the Knicks lost.

I don't even know how to describe the level of pain I felt when I was leaving my favorite bodega, with my favorite bacon, egg and cheese, and all the sudden my mentions are over taken with angry bros yelling at me for calling their candidate rude, overly aggressive, and a little too "New Yorky". I'm sorry, if minimum wage raises and lower insulin prices are SOOO important to you, than maybe you should shape up and be a little nicer to people like me who actually agree with you on most things but who see smelly, poorly dressed bros and are immediately reminded of their dirtbag dads. I hate when I date men who think they're so great and get to tell me about politics when they don't even own a bed frame. Uh, maybe if you understand Keynesian economics so well you can figure out how to make some money and have a 401K in THIS economy.

People don't realize that politics is about more than who has the best policies or who wants to help the most people. For some of us it's about our strained relationships with our dads who told us "Wow, Brown? Couldn't get into Harvard like your sister." This pain is valid and we're allowed to experience it even if it means completely derailing any hope of combating climate change or saving people's lives with free health insurance. Sorry, but I have health insurance and my therapist told me I need to take ownership of my life and stop letting hoodie wearing, vaping bros mistreat me in my relationships and my mentions.

My dad thought he was god's gift to Earth because he wrote a book about the threat of white moderates but when he was raising me he was just some guy who hung around chain-smoking, watching old Scorsese movies and listening to The Talking Heads. I'm not saying Bernie does all those things but some of his followers definitely do and that's just as bad. Bernie needs to control his followers just like men need to control their urge to like other girl's Instagram posts after you just opened up to them about how sometimes not getting a promotion is actually worse than being homeless.



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