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TV Nerd's Guide To The Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

By Danny Neary

Don't worry everyone the coronavirus quarantine is just Earth's bottle episode. Everything will be fine, it might be frustrating searching for the fly in your meth lab (staying inside and not going to work) but you will make it through this and probably learn something along the way. Like that your friends are all that matters, or that casual hookups aren't the answer and you're ready to propose to that girl you always thought was just your friend despite how much you have in common. Things are getting worst all the time and it seems like things couldn't get any more out of control but know you have to be prepared for that to happen because we might not even be into the coronavirus's sweep week yet. So expect something worst to come soon, like more biblical plagues or Trump getting even worst and us having to team up with our frenemies to take him down. Or maybe he'll totally redeem himself by giving a moving speech about who he really is like John Candy in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. There's no way to be sure but I trust the writers, whoever made this obvious simulation of a Black Mirror episode, to deliver a beautiful conclusion to a mostly disappointing but at times fascinating show, our lives.



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