The Covert Narcissist's Guide To Parenting

By Danny Neary

Hey, you're a covert narcissist like me? Well, at least that's what people and "doctors" tell us but we both know we're just misunderstood and our kids don't appreciate us enough right? Anyways, what exactly is a covert narcissist you ask? Well, covert narcissists are people who crave admiration and supposedly lack empathy towards others despite the fact I gave my life and body for other people, my children! But you know that's what they say, we lack empathy but unlike overt narcissists we don't present ourselves as super confident and disdainful towards others. Instead we latch on to people and seek to comfort ourselves by being super important and codependent to them. Which makes life really fun and exciting for our kids who don't even deserve us and will inevitably disappoint us!

So, as a covert narcissist who's entire family has let her down I can tell you that it is incredibly important that covert narcissists like you raise your kids well. Deep down you know, just like I do, that you're flawed but you don't want to address those issues head on because that would be too painful. So, instead