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By Danny Neary

So, why are we here? Why are we on this planet? Why are we in this city? And why am I on this stage? Why am I on this stool? And now, why am I on this chair? And you know what? Why am I on this planet? Why, goddamnit!? What's the answer?

As you can see this is a graph and these are numbers... But what do any of them mean? Now if I do this... the numbers go up. If I do that... they go down. What does that mean? well that, is a good question.... Follow me over here. As you can see I have a poster.I have this poster, because we need to make some changes and we need to make them now! We are not doing enough, about all the things!

Now listen... I may not be your "typical speaker". Haha, but I care and I care about getting results. Everyday when I wake up, I ask myself something. I ask myself something like, "Hey Fred, what have you done today about global warming?" Isn't that something we should all be doing something about... Sometimes?! I'm sick and tired of people who don't do anything. What has Trump done?! Or Scott Pruitt? Or Benjamin Franklin?!

Guys, it's no mystery, the world is a mess. There are so many problems we haven't solved yet. What about war, huh? What is that good for? Absolutely nothing!!! You know, maybe instead of war, I don't know... How about; honesty, love, and compassion.

Now guys, I may not have all the answers, but I know we need some answers. Like what are we going to do about poverty, or war, or parking? Why can I never find a spot huh?! What's the deal with that?

Or maybe, just maybe, we could all do a little something about globalll waaaarming. I am saaaweating! Before I go, I want to leave you with this... What about a boat, that drives itself? Now, I may not know how we get there, but I know one thing. Social media is the future. Thank you! Oh, and don't forget to check out my podcast.



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