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"Stop Politicizing Sports" Says Man In Camouflage Bears Jersey

By Danny Neary

CHICAGO - Standing for the anthem from his living room local man, Tom Swanson quickly grew irritated after seeing athletes had decided to continue kneeling for the anthem and showing solidarity with the black lives matter movement. Swanson, a man who every Sunday wears his favorite Camouflage military edition Bears Jersey stated "It's ridiculous, why do they need to politicize sports? Can't we have that one thing?" He added he thinks everyone should be able to enjoy football without thinking about politics before jumping up to cheer on the B-52 bombers.

Swanson, a man who called for everyone supporting Colin Kaepernick added that he felt the politicization of sports has to do with the corrosive environment built around cancel culture. "They're all afraid to stand up for what they believe in. They feel like if they don't kneel for the anthem there could be consequences and it's a real shame. Why can't they support our flag and military before the game like they've done since 9/11?!" At press time Swanson had sworn to stop watching the NFL until President Trump says it's ok not to.



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