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Sorry If My Comedy Triggered You

By Danny Neary

Looks like the pc police are after me again, just for a joke! I have been cancelled all because some people online were too triggered about a little, hilarious attack helicopter joke I made on Twitter. Well, lock me up I guess, my career is over. Sorry everyone I guess I've gone too far and upset the online leftist mob! After this week of sold out shows at Madison Square Garden I guess I'll have to hang it up! Yup, that's right, no more comedy from me other than my new special, "Sorry Snowflake" that Netflix just bought for $150 Million. Other than that I guess I just can't even do anymore shows. I might even delete my twitter page. No, I know it would be tragic and if I did I wouldn't have any material for my special since I spend about 45 minutes reading people's angry tweets. But I'm really seriously considering doing it. I already stopped doing college shows because of how PC they are. I mean, I hadn't done them in 20 years anyways but I hear it's gotten out of control!

But seriously everyone, if you're watching one of the three million people watching this who don't want to cancel me thank you for being so brave. I know it's not easy supporting a rich old white man like me. I might not be for everyone, but I speak my mind and I express my views, which just so happen to align perfectly with the vast majority of powerful people in this country and who's only flaw is being too "un-woke" for the SJWs. I guess this is going to be my down fall, if you don't count the second special I sold to Netflix talking about how mad three people online were about my first special.



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