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Ryan Murphy Teases Little Kid

By Danny Neary

Hollywood - Exciting news out of Hollywood today for Ryan Murphy and American Horror Story fans, Ryan Murphy just teased a little kid. This comes after fans had been expecting something new from Murphy and were dying for more from the beloved creator of the AHS franchise and Glee. Long time fan Ashley Reynolds, after hearing the news Ryan Murphy was teasing a little kid, stated, "It's a big day for Murphy fans or freaks like me. We are constantly hungry for more from Ryan. He's a genius, and hearing he's out there and even if it's not a finished project just that he's teasing a little kid is enough to get me excited." Reynolds added that Murphy is a real hero and inspiration to so many creatives and that seeing him working on something new and innovative is sure to lead to many more people deciding to tease a little kid. Reports are still unclear as to the full details on Murphy's latest work but it seemed he was having a great time, teasing and laughing with a little kid and that should help keep fans enthralled until another Murphy project is fully released.



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