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Report: Jimmy Is Crossing His Arms During The Prayers Now

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

By Danny Neary

INDIANAPOLIS - Today in the middle of his weekly visit to church St. Michaels student Jimmy O'Brien boldy took a stand and decided to cross his arms during the prayers. This came as a shock to his family and fellow parishioners who had seen him lethargically make the sign of the cross before but never expected anything like this. St. Michael's alumni Karen Edwards, who attends the 10 O'clock mass every Sunday except for when Connor has an early soccer game, stated "I'm stunned. The O'Brien's are such a devoted Catholic family. I should have known to suspect something was wrong when Jimmy started slouching." Meanwhile fellow St. Michaels students saw the situation differently "I think he's a hero." said 6th Grader Matt Cooper. "He's doing what we're all too afraid to do and frankly it's about freaking time someone stopped just talking about being a Ricky Gervais fan and acted on it.



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