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On The Bright Side COVID-19 Edition

By Danny Neary

In the spirit of Jim halpert's new Youtube show and Ellen DeGeneres’s credo of being kind to each other, show crew and staff not included, we now present some good things going on during the coronavirus quarantine. Because we should always look on the bright side of life, because delusional people lead to a healthy, docile society!

1. Filing for unemployment gives you the chance to prove to the unemployment office what makes you so special.

2. If we reopen the country early millions may die but other than that America will go back to being perfect.

3. It's a nice change to have normal work related fears and anxieties replaced with fresh, new quarantine based anxieties and fears.

4. If we're inside for another 18 months you might finally be able to finish Moby Dick!

5. When this crisis ends we can rest assured knowing America will not change, improve, or learn anything at all.



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