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New "We Didn't Start The fire" Sequel Just About 2020

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

By Danny Neary

LONG ISLAND, NY - In a surprise announcement this afternoon, beloved recording artist Billy Joel announced he'll be releasing a sequel to his hit song We Didn't Start The Fire about the events of 2020. The song is set to be over 25 minutes long and will deal exclusively with all of the historic, terrifying and deadly things that have happened in the first seven months of the new decade. Joel stated that he'd always wanted to do a sequel to We Didn't Start The Fire because he'd love another number one hit that is just him listing off things that have happened, but didn't know if there was enough history in the years since 1989 to do a whole song. "Then 2020 came, and well, so much happened, I have a whole song just about this year," Joel said. Joel went on to add that he knows the song is going to be incredibly depressing, but he's sure it will be a hit, and he needs to buy some new homes since some of his beach houses will be under water soon.



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