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​​1. Did you wake up before your alarm? Good for you! Sure, it was probably because you were having an active panic attack in your sleep, but still, go ahead and reward yourself by going back to bed and ultimately arriving 45 minutes late to work.

2. Rude! Did your boss yell at you for being late? I bet that shattered your already frail emotional state, so order that iced macchiato as a little pick-me-up.

3. Work is hard and boring! You’ve been here for a whole hour, and you’ve earned a treat! Go outside for a pre-lunch lunch break!

4. Where did the time go? Your pre-lunch lunch bled right into normal lunch, and you went ahead and left without checking in or apologizing to anyone. Good boundaries! Take an extra hour on your break!

5. Girlboss! You just sent an email without the word “sorry” in it! You earned a little nap in your car!

6. It’s 5:00! You made it through a whole shift at your miserable day job. Grab a smoothie on your way to the gym.

7. Gym?! You’re going to the gym?! That is for sure worthy of a treat. Make that smoothie a milkshake, baby.

8. Did you go to the gym but feel too self-conscious to actually use the equipment? DOUBLE TREAT ALERT! It’s the thought that counts, plus it made you feel bad about yourself. There’s no way you can cook tonight, treat yourself to take-out so you don’t have to catch up on doing the dishes.

9. On your way home, you actually swung by Old Navy and made those returns you’ve been putting off. Another task checked off the to-do list means another treat: buy

yourself some new clothes.

10. And you know what? They only gave you $0.37 back for those jeans since it’s 139 days past the return window, so, eff it: run to Marshall’s next door, too. You earned it!

11. And now that I’m thinking about it, last week when you finally did your laundry, you resisted treating yourself for accomplishing that task. That took a lot of willpower, and I’m proud of you. Treat yourself for not treating yourself!

12. The Chipotle you got for dinner made your tummy hurt. No fun! You deserve to book

yourself a massage for tomorrow afternoon.

13. In bed before midnight?! You’re a self-care queen! It took a lot of growth to get to this point where you can put yourself first. Call out of work tomorrow to bask in the glow of the ~new you.~

14. Uh-oh. You’ve been lying in bed for 3 hours trying to fall asleep. That’s the worst. You deserve to soothe yourself by watching The Office until 4AM again.

15. You woke up at your usual time even though you don’t have to go to work today. Ugh! It was supposed to be your day to rest. Take some NyQuil and go back to sleep, but try to wake up in time for that massage!

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