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Inclusion Win! Pixar Announces First Openly Gay Amorphous Blob

By Danny Neary

Queer characters aren't new to the history of Pixar films but until now those characters' sexuality has only ever been implied, and absolutely never spoken of. This year, however, Pixar is making history by having its first openly gay character, a nameless amorphous blob! Â

This is a huge win for the LGBTQIA community as Pixar has finally created a character the queer community can call their own with the inclusion of a bisexual amorphous blob in their latest film, Smile. Smile tells the story of two young boys who go on an adventure while learning about the importance of completely platonic friendship. Along the way these two friends meet a nameless amorphous blob who just so happens to be a member of the LGBTQIA community!Â

Sadly, until the inclusion of Nameless Amorphous Blob #2, who proudly proclaims their status as bisexual in a deleted scene to appear exclusively as a Blu-Ray extra, Pixar could never figure out how to include openly gay characters. Try as they might they were never able to center the characters' sexuality, or hint at it in any way, other than by making them sad and die alone. These failures should all be forgiven now though, as Pixar has taken a bold step into the 21st century with the inclusion of a hideous, bisexual, amorphous blob. This blob is sure to win the hearts of millions around the globe despite being cut entirely for the international release.



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