How To Use The Coronavirus To Get Out Of Plans With Your Friends

By Danny Neary

  1. The coronavirus outbreak is getting very serious but on the bright side it can now be used as an excuse for why you can't attend many social events and why you have to cancel all your plans with your friends. See below for some examples of how to use this terrifying disease to help you avoid any form of social interaction that might be mildly inconvenient for you!

  2. Of course I'd love to come to your house party with all your fantasy football friends Brad, but all those people in one little room, that just might not be safe right now. What if instead we all stocked up on hand sanitizer and texted each other about Uncut Gems from the safety of our own bedrooms?

  3. Wow Dave, you're having your bachelor party in Vegas and you want us all to spring for first class plane tickets and VIP passes to the Calvin Harris concert! As much as I don't completely hate everything about that idea I'm just not sure flying is