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How To Help BLM Without Inconveniencing Yourself

By Danny Neary

It's the question everyone is asking. How can I help BLM without inconveniencing myself even slightly? Well, read this list below to see some great ways to signal you care about the movement, and maybe even help slightly, without actually doing anything.

1. Post A Black Square - Yeah, this has come and past, but no reason you can't just make it your profile pic for a while! Or, at least until you get another cute one!

2. Buy A Book You'll Never Read - Buying and sharing reading list is something you can do and you won't have to even inconvenience yourself at all because no one will know if you read them or not!

3. Text To See What Part Of Stolen Land You're On - That's right, you can now text a number to see what part of stolen land you're on. This is something you can do that shows you care about the horrible genocide you're actively benefiting from and doing nothing to undo!

4. Apologize To Your Hinge Matches - Yup, if you want to you could always apologize to all your hinge matches of color for being white. This way you look super woke and don't have to actually help people of color by protesting or fighting to change anything. It's a win, win, win. Well, except for the person you probably just made super uncomfortable, but hey, you did your part!



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