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Hey! Not all cops murder, some just stand and watch people get murdered

By Danny Neary

I am so tired of this debate about whether or not the cops are bad and if we should treat them with respect or not. For your information I am a police officer and I can say definitely that not all cops murder people, some just stand by and watch while this happens. We are not responsible for the deaths of these innocent men and women our renegade friends and colleagues murder, at least not directly. No, you see some of us just want to do our job and our job just happens to be to protect and serve Target and not POC. It's really insane to think that there are some people who consider all cops to be bastards, I'm not a bastard I'm just a man who willing signed up to carry a gun and ride around black neighborhoods looking for someone to harass. If that makes me a bastard then I guess the court was right, I should have my kids taken away and not be allowed within 500 feet of my ex-wife.



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