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Hey, It's Me The Guy In Your Lecture Who Always Has To Add Something

By Danny Neary

Uh, huh that's great sorry to interrupt Lauren, I just happened to disagree. And not to cut you off but I think what you were trying to say is Mussolini was bad. And stop me if I'm rambling but, well not right now, this is important. You see to piggyback off what Colleen was trying to say, America is actually like 1984.

Hey, Professor Phil, is it cool if I just call you Phil? I'm still gonna do it. Yeah, uh sorry to cut in, but there's some breaking news right now from the BBC, big stuff goin on in Frankfurt. Oh, me? I should be quite, ah, no worries Phil I'll DM it to you later.

Hey Colleen, not to be rude but you sound dumb right now, like you sound stupid. You just failed to mention that actually Hitler did a lot of bad things too.

Hey Phil, Phil, pick me, my hands up... Ok, yeah no take your time. I can keep this up all day... Lotta stored up energy.... from never having sex.



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