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Biden Responds To Debate Questions By Vomiting Blood

By Danny Neary

WASHINGTON, DC - Last night during his first head-to-head debate against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders former Vice President Joe Biden chose to respond to every question by violently vomiting blood. Some members of the more progressive wing of the party found this upsetting and even went as far as to call it Trumpian or downright disturbing. These criticisms of the more moderate, old school Democrat Biden are nothing new as his campaign has had to face many bad faith criticisms from the left since he first announced his candidacy. NBC commentator Chuck Todd, while speaking about Biden's decision to not answer any questions but instead vomit blood every time he was called on, stated "Was it the best choice Biden could have made? Probably not, but on the other hand he's clearly still the best candidate we have to defeat Donald Trump and these criticisms from the left are exactly what Putin wants." Todd went on to say he thinks people are overreacting by saying Biden's constant gaffes, angry outbursts and inability to stop vomiting blood are signs he is no longer fit to hold the nation's highest office. "It's really insane" said Todd. "Biden was VP, he's still sharp as a tack, and vomiting blood on stage, while unorthodox, may actually endure him to voters come November."



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