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No One On Party Trolley Has Any Recollection Of How They Got There Who They Used To Be

By Danny Neary

CHICAGO - On a Friday night walking along Wells Avenue in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago you'll see many party trolleys full of cheering, wooing young men and women. Upon further investigation you will find that not a single one of them knows how they got on the party trolley or who they were before they became a party trolley rider. While stopped at a red light one of the party trolley's riders, Tyler Scott, said "I have no idea how I got on this party trolley. It's all I know now, I might have been on here for two hours or maybe two years." He added that he thinks he knows some of the other guests but he really couldn't say for sure. As they drove off Scott shouted out "I'm terrified! Make it stop!" Before immediately breaking into a cheerful dance routine to Ke$sha's hit song Tik Tok.



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