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Follow Your Bliss

By Danny Neary

Sometimes I just feel like I'm the only one in this family who ever wanted to be something else. I mean I know, the pay's good, we're outside a lot and we get to work for Uncle Tony but sometimes I think there could be more to life than breaking people's legs, or burying bodies. Sure, sure the benefits are great, we get our own guns, all the free meatballs we want and we get to be extras in every Scorsese movie. But I just feel like maybe burying people alive isn't my life's calling you know?

I mean yeah I know it sounds crazy but if I wasn't so good at asking people if they're talkin' to me I might've gone to art school. Or maybe not art school who knows, I just I need to figure out what my passion is. I mean look at Uncle Tony he's always followed his bliss, that just happens to be fucking people up and wearing Fila track suits. He's one of the lucky ones but some of us, we just need to get out there and find ourselves. Yes Marco, I know I bring this up overtime we watch Eat, Pray, Love but it's important to me!



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