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Corona Drinking Game For People Rich Enough To Not Really Care

By Danny Neary

1. Every time Trump tweets a misspelling take a shot so you don't have to think about how your housekeeper is going to feed her family!

2. Chug a beer everytime you see a war criminal you'd go to a Cowboys game with.

3. Drink every time you hear Rachel Maddow say "Oh her emails", because Hillary is a Yass Queen and never called YOU a super predator.

4. Drink until you blackout every time you start to realize maybe we shouldn't nominate someone senile during a pandemic.

5. Take a drink every time a Republican you will soon call a hero for saying Trump should be more civil says a few million people dying is no big.

6. Finish your drink, and life when someone on TV mentions cofveve.

7. Drink everytime a Republican guest someone won't answer the question, like you do when someone asks how your son got into Brown.

8. Drink when someone is being purposefully obtuse about atopic, like how you are about Medicare for All.



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