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Celebrity Sighting

By Danny Neary

Oh my god honey, your plane might go down? Ahh that's terrifying. Jimmy is sitting next to you on the plane right? Good, good. Wait and who else? Mark Ruffalo? The Mark Ruffalo?! Honey calm down, calm down I need you to breath in deep and confirm that it is Mark The Freakin' Hulk Ruffalo! Melissa I know this is a stressful time but you still haven't answered my simple question are you or are you not sitting next to the breakout star of 13 going on 30?! I don't see how that is a ridiculous question right now. Either you're sitting next to, a gorgeous salt and pepper haired man or you're not.

No you're right, you're right I should talk to the Jimmy. Jimmy, Jimmy is that you? Ok good, this is really important. What no Jimmy, I didn't want to tell you if you crash eat one of the weaker kids. But I mean not a bad idea. No, Jimmy I need you to tell me is that Mark Ruffalo next to you? The Hulk Jimmy! Come on, Bruce Banner? Maybe?! Oh Jimmy, you are such a disappointment. I mean, uh I love you and uh hang in there bud!

Hi sweetie any word on... Oh they fixed the technical issue? That's good. And everything is under control now? Wow, so maybe you guys can let me talk to Mark when you... Yeah a divorce makes sense.



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