Brad From Your Office's Guide To Corona

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

By Danny Neary

Man, Wednesdays am I right? Everyday feels the same though now dude. It's like that Bill Murray movie, Scrooged. So, this coronavirus thing is for real huh? I do not want to get it, that's for sure man. I mean maybe that's just me but I ain't goin' near that thing haha. You know what I mean? You hear they closed the office? Oh right, you got the email too and also haven't been to the office in a month. But you know me man, still "working" hard from home. No pants baby, haha. No just kidding I still wear khakis, gotta keep that routine. But all I'm saying is you better stock up on hand lotion though bro, haha. Just kiddin' don't tell Cheryl I said that.