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Brad From Your Office's Guide To Corona

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

By Danny Neary

Man, Wednesdays am I right? Everyday feels the same though now dude. It's like that Bill Murray movie, Scrooged. So, this coronavirus thing is for real huh? I do not want to get it, that's for sure man. I mean maybe that's just me but I ain't goin' near that thing haha. You know what I mean? You hear they closed the office? Oh right, you got the email too and also haven't been to the office in a month. But you know me man, still "working" hard from home. No pants baby, haha. No just kidding I still wear khakis, gotta keep that routine. But all I'm saying is you better stock up on hand lotion though bro, haha. Just kiddin' don't tell Cheryl I said that.

What else is goin' on, what else is goin' on dot com. Oh, bro, you hear about what's going on in Italy? Yeah I didn't read it but I think like some pretty f-ed up stuff. So you into this whole UBI thing? Or you more of a bitcoin guy? I don't know about you but I am done hiding my money under my mattress...I put on layaway. Man, you hear they cancelled march madness?! I had the sickest bracket this year. I know that hadn't come out but just had a feeling bro. Sheesh, Mondays am I right?

Honestly though, like if I can be real real for a second man? We all gotta have each other's backs during this thing. You know? Get some hand sanitizer, take care of our immune systems, stay home.... And then come over to my house for a huge birthday bash! I won't have any Corona beer, promise dude. Haha just kidding I know you can only get coronavirus from turtles.



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