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America's Better Than This, By Guy With No Understanding Of History

By Danny Neary

What happened at the capitol was atrocious, America is and always has been better than this. America was founded on the ideal that everyone is treated equal and it is absurd that we would treat one group of protestors different just because of the color of their skin, when in American history has that ever happened before?

I refuse to believe that this is the country I was raised in! The country that ended slavery, and segregation and lynching. Why it's almost like the police, who just let those protestors run into the capital don't actually care about protecting and serving the people. This is an outrage! How can we live in a country that just enforces laws arbitrarily, and lets people off easy because of their wealth or skin color?! That's not the America that I always assumed I was living in!

Hell, I didn't vote for Joe Biden, a man who as far as I know has never been involved in creating any law or bills that would negatively impact POC, just to have a bunch of racist white people get off scot free while POC are thrown behind bars! This is absurd! Thomas Jefferson, a man who understood equality, must be spinning in his grave to know that we live in a country so divided!

I know times seem rough but if there's one thing I know about American history it's that the right people always come out on top. It's only a matter of time before the cops and Republican Party recognize the error of their ways and condemn these horrible monsters who would dare try to steal an election and have no respect for the law! I know one thing to be sure about this country, that we are fundamentally good and that we would never try to stop democracy or overthrow a government anywhere around the world!



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