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All Good News By John Krasinski

By Danny Neary


Hey everyone, it's John Krasinski with Some Good News! As you all know I started this webseries because with all the scary things going on in the world some of us, who aren't impacted by any of those things all felt we needed to hear more good news! It's really hard when everyday you have to be reminded that there are some people who aren't millionaires or living incredibly comfortable lives who have to work on the front lines in a pandemic and that can be a major bummer. That's why I, and my publicist, decided that is was a great time to start a show all about good news! Just because 100,000 people are gone doesn't mean the party has to stop for the rest of us. And as someone who just wrapped season 2 of a show where I play a CIA agent, I'm also available to play a Marvel superhero if anyone is wondering, I can say that yeah we might not all be able to save lives, or spread democracy, or work on a show funded by the CIA but we can all be superheroes in each other's lives. That's why my beautiful wife and I thought it'd be a great idea to start this show and we couldn't be happier that after just 8 episodes we've already sold it!

Now, I know some of you are hurt that I am selling a show that meant so much to you and believe me meant the world and hopefully some more film roles for me! I truly am so heratbroken that I am too busy to continue hosting the show I always planned to host for a couple of months to raise my Q score. I can't tell you how blown away I was by how many people reached out to say this show had touched them but when the chance to profit off of that shared feeling of delusional positivity presented itself it was too hard to pass up. I hope you all know that I will continue to appear on the show whenever the defense department has something they need me to promote. Thanks for everything guys, stay safe, watch Jack Ryan and keep tweeting about how Emily and I should play Mr. And Mrs. Fantastic.



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