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5 LGBT Characters On Kids' Shows To Bring Up To Ruin Your Aunt's Thanksgiving

By Danny Neary

  1. Mr. MFing Ratburn - That's right, like it or not Aunt Karen the beloved teacher on Arthur is a proud gay man. Why don't you call the management at PBS and try to ruin that like you do everything else?!

  2. Harold and Howard McBride - You heard that right in one episode of The Loud House there was an interracial married gay couple and... What your kids don't watch The Loud House? Well, it's still out there!

  3. Flix and Okra - These space bird things from the cartoon Star Wars Resistance are gay as hell! I bet Uncle Mike's nerdy ass hates this shit.

  4. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline - Every character on Adventure Time is arguably gay, but these two are out and proud and legally allowed to marry in these United States. Also your mashed potatoes are gross and we're never having Thanksgiving at your house because Grandma thinks it smells.

  5. Milo - I know you don't 'believe' in transgender people Aunt Karen but you know who does? The writers for Danger and Eggs that's who! Milo is in a band, uses they/them pronouns and is welcome at MY Thanksgiving anytime.



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