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Happy birthday, lit!

Join us for LIT Comedy's
Birthday Show on
AUgust 8, 2021 at 8 pm EST

You'll see our favorite and funny performances from the 2020-21 Laugh Index Players and LIT's annual award show honoring its players, present awards to players and just have some pure
fun with dares. Our special guest, Candyce Musinski, will be our hilarious
headliner for the evening!  Let’s wrap up the season with a pretty bow, blow out
the candles and make a wish that LIT will be able to celebrate more birthdays
with past, present and future players.

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Jun 14, 2023, 7:00 PM EDT
LITFest will feature standup comedy, character shorts, the best of our House Sketch Team, and workshops! Wow! Register now.
Candyce Musinski

As seen on:

Kevin Hart’s “Lyft Comics” promo featuring

Candyce Musinski

Popped Collar Comedy Show

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Candyce is a stand-up comic, writer, and actor based in Brooklyn, New York. While living in New York, she has performed in famed clubs such as The Comedy Cellar, New York Comedy Club, Comic Strip, and Gotham. Nationwide, she has performed at several other well-known venues, including the Laugh Factory, Funny Bone, and the Stress Factory. But her favorite place to perform is in hostel basements and old man bars.

Candyce produces and hosts the comedy show, “Not Right Now Comedy,” which has been featured regularly in TimeOut New York magazine. Candyce and her cohost, Meagan Walsh, have been running the show in Brooklyn for over six years. They have also taken NRN Comedy on the road for nationwide tours. 

Candyce also runs and hosts another comedy show, “Dive Bar Blondes,” with comedian Kendra Cunningham, in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Since last year, Candyce has focused on writing and online Zoom shows. She has also performed spots on dozens of outdoor/rooftop comedy shows, including “The Tiny Cupboard.” After ten years of comedy in New York, Candyce plans to move down south to discover the comedy scenes she has heard so much about.

Dare to be a star in our LIT universe!

 A comedy fundraiser where players and the audience pick dares (LIT has chosen) to lead up to LIT Comedy’s birthday and awards show. Supporters will pledge $15 for the comedians to select a dare or one of their own (with the player’s permission). The players will be recorded and presented to share at the LIT Birthday show. 

All money raised will support LIT Comedy Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and its programs in-person and virtual, all of which support diversity and inclusion in comedy training, education and content creation.

All dares are based on social media trends. Submit your dare here.

Are you planning on attending LIT Comedy's Birthday Show?
Which DARE would you like a player to do?
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