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LIT's Associate Program offers indie acts and teams of any comedy type resources to develop as artists.  Resources include regular stage time, coaching, rehearsal space, or other things depending on the act/team's needs.

Any team or act interested must audition for LIT.  In order to audition, please submit the below form. 



LIT conducts the audition process over a few hours. If accepted to audition, over

the course of the hours you will need to be prepared to:

*perform a 5-minute stand-up routine or a 7-minute story

*perform a sketch character monologue (2 minutes or less. Must be written by you.)

*perform an actor audition monologue (No more than 90 seconds and can be either dramatic or comedic)

*sing or freestyle rap for at least 90 seconds. For the song, please prepare 16 bars

*perform long-form improv in a group

*perform short-form improv in a group

*perform musical improv in a group

*cold read sketches and short plays

*work with a group on a sketch

*be prepared for a 30-minute interview with LIT's Executive Director & selected staff

If you are selected for the callback process, you should:

*be prepared to lead a group or direct a team for observation from anywhere

from 30 minutes to 3 hours

*select & prepare something to perform at a designated LIT show. This can be

something you did for the audition or prepared during the audition.

+ Headshot - A professional headshot for theatre/film is preferred.
RESUME - This is one page max outlining education, performance, and skills pertaining to theatre, comedy, film.
WRITING SAMPLE - This can be a sketch, short play, or short film that must be a minimum of 3 pages and no more than 5 pages.
SPEC SCRIPT - Please submit a 5-10 page script for an episode of ValiDation if you are interested in being considered a writer for the web series.
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