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Why LIt?

See why our past and present players and students think you should choose LIT.



Hot & Sweaty 2010-11

Currently: The Reckless Theatre's House Team, The Woods & student at the Annoyance and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC.


Why LIT: Hot & Sweaty was the first indie team that I played with in Washington DC. It provided a great opportunity to perform regularly, and I had a blast working with hilarious and talented teammates.


Wonderland 2014–15

Ambar is currently living in West Los Angeles, where she is surrounded by sunshine and traffic all year long. She uses improvisation everyday because the life of a mother, wife, and lawyer is hardly ever predictable. Ambar is a misophoniac who likes logic puzzles and believes Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock Holmes of all time. Also, Michael Keaton was the best Batman.


WHY LIT:  LIT gave me the stage time I needed to build confidence in myself and to trust my ideas. I also met a supportive group of people who love comedy and comraderie, and I learned a different style of improvisation.

Currently:  Attorney in West LA, Mom Blogger, Standup Comedian in Hollywood, Groundlings School Student


Jacob Hill

Improvising since 1999; former student of Matt Smith (the evil boss in the 2006 romantic comedy “Outsourced”). Workshopped with Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall. Managed an experimental long-form group on the mean streets of Seattle. Founded the Seattle University Improv Comedy Club. Forever irritated when people don’t say “yes, and…” in every day life. Learner of Chinese, German and international economics trying to share with the world the hilarity of growing up in Idaho.


WHY LIT:  I needed a creative outlet that to counteract the fastidiousness of my day job, and I had previous experience performing improv in Seattle. It was amazing to have a community space where I could try new things and explore comedy, LIT is truly a gem that other cities should imitate—a creative arts incubator.

Currently:  Freelance economist, foreign language teacher and part-time lumberjack in Boise, Idaho


Alexander Rollinski

House Comics 2015-16

Grateful for the recognition from the late Joel Markowitz of DCMetroTheaterArts recognizes Alexander as a Scene Stealer as Young Franz and Animula in The Trap. “In Rolinski’s expressive face can be read a fascinating perspective on The Trap: the inner child who necessarily stays alive in every great artist—and who is here made transparent through the inner life and luminous performance of an exceptionally promising young actor.”-John Stoltenberg


WHY LIT:  hilarious, creative flow of humor and great instruction

Currently: Studying to get into Stanford with high honor roll grades

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