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Comedy Auditions

Comedian Auditions in Washington DC! Over 300 performers made LIT their comedy home. Are you next?

Wanna Be LIT?




LIT conducts its annual open-call auditions for its house teams, performance classes, writers' rooms, special projects and other programs in July.


We're looking for more than just comedic talent in our players — we're looking for the LIT fit.  We're devoted to fostering a positive, supportive environment that is inclusive and develops the skills and resumes of its players.  We want performers who believe in this as much as we do. 

We are holding auditions for:  stand-ups, storytellers, poets, actors, playwrights, sketch writers & performers, screenwriters, satire writers and various improv teams (musical, long-form & short-form).  

Individual performers at any level and of all types are encouraged to audition.  

When Are LIT Auditions?

LIT Holds Auditions Every Summer & By Appointment Throughout The Season If Needed




Wednesday, July 20th 11:59 PM 



You should receive your e-mail confirmation with a Zoom link immediately after submitting your form. If this does not happen or if you have any questions, please email


Online.  Links will be sent in confirmation e-mail.


Individual auditions are held in 20-minute increments during the below day & times:



All callback auditions for specific house teams will be conducted during the team's rehearsal, and this information will be sent to you after your Round I audition if necessary.  Not all teams, projects or programs require a callback audition.  If you're invited to a callback, you'd only need to attend one of the following days/time:




SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH AT 1 PM (For all 2022-223Laugh Index Players)



Start the week of Sunday, August 28th.  Times & days vary by team. 


More Questions? E-mail LIT


What are LIT's annual open-call auditions?

LIT holds its annual open-call auditions every July for all of its programs and teams for the upcoming season.  The auditions happen every year at the same time and are open to anyone at any level.  They are for all programs, advanced classes, teams and special projects at LIT.  It is the best way to get involved with LIT.  The deadline to sign-up is July 20th.

What if I miss the July 20th sign-up deadline or can't make the audition dates & times listed?

You should still sign-up to audition.  We will place those who sign-up late in any open rounds that we have, and we often add rounds to accommodate the number of people auditioning so additional dates and times can pop up.  If you can't make the original dates, we will work you into the added rounds. 

I don't have any training or performance experience.  Should I still audition?

Of course!  What do you have to lose?  We pride ourselves in having the most fun audition process ever.  We also are very skilled at assessing your potential and evaluating which team or program would be best for you.  There have been circumstances where individuals with no formal training or performance experience have made house teams and have gone on to be very successful at LIT and beyond.    

What do I need to prepare for the auditions?

This information will be provided to you in your e-mail with your audition time on July 27th.  So, don't stress. 

How do the auditions work?

Everyone who is new to LIT goes through our Round I audition process.  Some teams may require a callback audition.   


Do I have to audition if I want to enroll in a class?
If you want to be considered for any of our advanced classes, yes.  If you're interested in any of our 101 classes, then no.  


What are the differences between house teams, performance classes and the other programs?

House Teams run for the life of the theatre and consist of players who are ready to create content and shows -- improvised or scripted.  If you feel that you are ready to create content or perform in advanced formats like the Harold, longer stand-up routines or hour-long scripted shows, then you should select the house team option on your form.
Performance Classes are for six months and are for advanced students who want more coaching and individual feedback while receiving regular performances.

The Conservatory is a year-long program devoted to teaching students multiple forms of comedy and showcasing them in their own shows.  The Conservatory functions as a stand-up, improv, sketch class all in one!

Writers' Rooms -- These rooms are for those who want to write content in any format:  sketch, plays, poems, satire, screen, etc.  You must submit a writing sample for consideration.  LIT's Writers' Rooms focus on workshopping your individual, written material.    

Do professional writers, comics, actors and theatre/comedy teachers audition?
Yes, they do.  Even professionals value having a home base where they can work and perform with other creatives.  LIT provides a regular, consistent schedule so players have a way to ensure they're constantly on stage, training or getting material seen. 

What are dues?

For classes, students pay tuition.  For house teams, performers pay dues.  The dues cover the cost of the team's rehearsal (space & director).  Dues are necessary because there's no source of revenue that can cover the team's costs.  This is a standard practice nationwide with house teams at major comedy theatres.  LIT's house team dues range anywhere from $725 - $825 a season depending on the type of team and number of players.  Dues are paid annually.   

What's the benefit of paying dues?

Because LIT's auditions are an open-call process with no prerequisites and assuming you have a successful audition, you avoid having to spend money on required classes first.  If you're ready to perform, you're ready.  The benefits to being on a team are similar to having a personal trainer:  you have a regular schedule where you can exercise your funny bones.  Dues average to less than a monthly cost for a gym, and at LIT you're a part of a vibrant community of creatives and get constant comedy exercise.  Many players find that the cost of LIT house team dues are less than what they would spend if they were financing their own independent projects or teams.  And with LIT, you get the benefit of stage time, community and affiliation with a theatre.  You're not paying to play; you're paying to train.          


Do all performers and writers pay dues?
All Laugh Index Players who are committed to a team that rehearses and performs regularly pay dues.

Are there any opportunities for paid work for actors and writers?

For certain one-off projects throughout the season, there will be opportunities for paid work for actors and writers.  There will also be opportunities for unpaid work.  Neither would require dues payments; however, both would require an audition.  After the audition process, successful candidates will be contacted about the upcoming projects and the time frame.    

What makes LIT "lit"?

Here's what our players say:

Variety  LIT promotes a variety of comedy that you can see and perform at shows.

Diversity There are relatively more people of color and ethnicity, and players from very diverse age-groups. I think this is one of LIT's greatest strengths - to bring people of different perspectives and life-histories together.

Stage-time LIT understands the need of giving its players a lot of stage time. This, personally, has been really helpful for me and my growth as a performer.

Community  LIT has given me a space to explore, develop, and utilize my creative talents and performance training. Before joining LIT, I really had nowhere to share and develop my creative energy. I have also made some of my best friends through this program, and I am very grateful for that.

Audition Form

2022-23 lit audition form 

The deadline for auditions is July 20th. LIT will hold virtual, individual 20-minute auditions on Sunday July 30th from 12 pm - 8 pm EST.  After that, auditions will be by appointment on Sunday afternoons if there are still openings in our programs. Please submit the below information, and you will receive an

e-mail outlining your audition time and other details immediately.



Please indicate which times work best for you for regular rehearsals and/or performance


Please indicate what you'd like to audition for. You may choose more than one type of comedy. If you choose more than one, you may have multple audition times.
I understand that LIT is auditioning for its 2022-23 season, and I am interested in:


Please check all that apply: I have had coursework in...


Please check all that apply: I have substantial experience (2+ years) with it, and I have performed it regularly...


Upload Video Audition

Please upload a video

Upload 1 - 3 page writing sample

Please upload a Word or PDF Document
Please upload a Word or PDF Document
After clicking submit below, the audition schedule will appear. 
Please book the audition time that works best for you.
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