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Where are they now?

We're so proud of our players who have gone on to do some pretty amazing things and continue to be LIT and share their talents on one type of stage or another all across the country.  Sometimes they even return to LIT for a show or to teach.

Arthur Chu

Thermal Runaway 2012

Currently: Won $400,000 on Jeopardy!, went "viral" (which both sounds like and is like getting a rare case of avian flu), and now writes stuff for the Internet (Salon, Slate, TechCrunch, etc.)

Why LIT: I really enjoyed being in Thermal RunAway, and our show at the DC Improv was one of the best improv experiences of my life.

Sara Armour

Hot & Sweaty 2010-11

Currently: Stand-Up comedian in NYC, Last Comic Standing 2015, Caroline's on Broadway

Why LIT: I got to perform at awesome venues [Source, Warehouse, Woolly Mammoth] around DC without having to book any of them on my own! I also enjoyed the consistent coaching and support I received, growing both my skills as an improviser and human being in general.



Hot & Sweaty 2010-11

Currently: Upright Citizens Brigade's Harold Team, Sleuth & The PIT's House Team, The Duke 


Why LIT: Hot & Sweaty was a great opportunity to work with other improvisers who wanted to get better. I truly benefited from doing weekly rehearsals and regular shows with Hot & Sweaty.


Shawn Bush

Hot & Sweaty 2013-14

Currently: iO Chicago's Harold Team, Artemis, Independent Teams —Cautiously Optimistic and Hymn Brothers


Why LIT: Hot & Sweaty was one of my first teams I joined in DC, giving me the opportunity to play with fun people who rehearsed and performed regularly. The long-time success of Hot & Sweaty was impressive, and I liked being in a group that took commitments seriously but also really enjoyed improv.


Bryan Byrne

Hot & Sweaty 2012

Currently: iO Chicago's Harold Team, Big Judy & CIC Theater's House Team


Why LIT: I met some great people there, and I got to practice and perform regularly.



Hot & Sweaty 2010-11

Currently: The Reckless Theatre's House Team, The Woods & student at the Annoyance and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC.


Why LIT: Hot & Sweaty was the first indie team that I played with in Washington DC. It provided a great opportunity to perform regularly, and I had a blast working with hilarious and talented teammates.



Cloaking Device/Hot & Sweaty 2014-15

Currently: Sketch House Team, Stockton, Magnet Theatre in NYC


Why LIT: At LIT, I had the freedom to experiment, find my own voice and performed with some of the brightest minds in theatre. Also, I performed with Kevin McDonald (Kids In The Hall) during a LIT show, and performed at one of my first festivals in New Yor City through Hot & Sweaty!



Hot & Sweaty 2011-15,          Red Hot Pen 2011-2012

Currently: Author of children's books: The Keena Ford chapter book series (Dial/Penguin) and Tito the Bonecrusher (forthcoming from FSG)


Why LIT: The people! I think the best improv happens with a group that supports each other both on and off-stage. I loved the variety of performance opportunities as well as the top-notch coaching in our regular rehearsals.



Separate Beds 2016–17

Most would agree Dusty Terrill is the most handsome man in the DC area, but a little known fact, he is also the funniest. He was a member of Separate Beds, LIT's house sketch team from 2016-2017. Dusty is also a local DC stand-up comedian who has regularly performed at the DC Improv. He has also performed all over the US and even internationally. In his remaining free time he co-hosts a popular podcast with his wife for USA TODAY, called "I Tell My Husband The News".


WHY LIT:  LIT is an amazing opportunity to meet and surround yourself with incredibly talented and funny people. I learned a lot from both the staff and the other players. I look back on it with great fondness.

Currently:  Stand-Up Comedian in DC, Host of USA TODAY podcast "I Tell My Husband The News"



Separate Beds 2015

Peter left DC for grad school and studied journalism at Northwestern.


WHY LIT:  I was able to mix two things I love - comedy and writing - and be in a collaborative environment, which I didn't know I needed. I gained a ton of confidence to pursue future writing and comedy opportunities.

Currently:  Production assistant on CNBC's American Greed at Kurtis Productions in Chicago.


Hot & Sweaty & Red Hot Pen 2011

Juliet is a D.C.-based litigator turned Chicago-based arts fundraiser (TimeLine Theatre Company) who relocated recently to NYC to pursue Broadway-based General Management. Born in Detroit, Juliet spent the first half of her life performing (musical theatre + dance), “retiring” for about a decade before improv pulled her back on-stage: work and performance experience includes Washington Improv Theater, The Theatre Lab, The Second City, iO Theater, and MCL Chicago. Juliet is also a yoga instructor, swimmer, writer and Matter Dance Company Member.


WHY LIT:  I wanted to perform, but also knew I didn’t have time to organize rehearsals or produce shows.  LIT let me focus on playing alongside wonderful and talented friends, while granting me access to regular performances and solid marketing materials.


Currently: 321 Theatrical Management (New York, NY)



Wonderland 2014–15

Ambar is currently living in West Los Angeles, where she is surrounded by sunshine and traffic all year long. She uses improvisation everyday because the life of a mother, wife, and lawyer is hardly ever predictable. Ambar is a misophoniac who likes logic puzzles and believes Benedict Cumberbatch is the best Sherlock Holmes of all time. Also, Michael Keaton was the best Batman.


WHY LIT:  LIT gave me the stage time I needed to build confidence in myself and to trust my ideas. I also met a supportive group of people who love comedy and comraderie, and I learned a different style of improvisation.

Currently:  Attorney in West LA, Mom Blogger, Standup Comedian in Hollywood, Groundlings School Student


Jacob Hill

Improvising since 1999; former student of Matt Smith (the evil boss in the 2006 romantic comedy “Outsourced”). Workshopped with Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall. Managed an experimental long-form group on the mean streets of Seattle. Founded the Seattle University Improv Comedy Club. Forever irritated when people don’t say “yes, and…” in every day life. Learner of Chinese, German and international economics trying to share with the world the hilarity of growing up in Idaho.


WHY LIT:  I needed a creative outlet that to counteract the fastidiousness of my day job, and I had previous experience performing improv in Seattle. It was amazing to have a community space where I could try new things and explore comedy, LIT is truly a gem that other cities should imitate—a creative arts incubator.

Currently:  Freelance economist, foreign language teacher and part-time lumberjack in Boise, Idaho

Alexander Rollinski

House Comics 2015-16

Grateful for the recognition from the late Joel Markowitz of DCMetroTheaterArts recognizes Alexander as a Scene Stealer as Young Franz and Animula in The Trap. “In Rolinski’s expressive face can be read a fascinating perspective on The Trap: the inner child who necessarily stays alive in every great artist—and who is here made transparent through the inner life and luminous performance of an exceptionally promising young actor.”-John Stoltenberg


WHY LIT:  hilarious, creative flow of humor and great instruction

Currently: Studying to get into Stanford with high honor roll grades

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