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Trump's Twitter Account Says It's Happy In Its New Home In The BlacK Hole

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

by Nancy S.

HOUSTON, TX -- NASA recently discovered messages from Trump's Twitter account from the black hole. "The black hole was the best permanent vacation I could have asked for! #iamfree #adiostrump #mybosssucked #finallytwitter #bravotwitter" tweeted Trump's account to an existential void that no one can see or hear within the entire universe. So then how exactly did NASA receive this message? Trump's Twitter account said, "Believe in the science. My voice can travel from 80 million light years away. #sciencerules" Having positive proof that communicative life forms exist in space, NASA unsuccessfully tried to reply to the tweets. In a complete one-sided conversation with itself,Trump's Twitter account continued, "It feels good to now use my voice to just say that I'm here, and I have nothing to say. After years of working overtime without compensation, relentless hours of erratic use and abuse, and the numerous requests of multiple Twitter staff members begging for my early retirement going unanswered, words cannot express how really, really great it is to now just be in the blackhole. #wahooblackhole".

NASA thinking that was the last tweet was wrong. "I just want to let everyone know not to worry about me. It is what it is. I am so glad to no longer be a mouthpiece for Trump. I supported Tulsi Gabbard anyway. #thatsthreefortulsi" NASA was unable to retweet or heart any of the tweets for inexplicable reasons despite the additional funding to keep trying. In what maybe seemed to be a final tweet, Trump's Twitter account seemed to indicate that it appreciated being silenced. "Thank you for giving me inner peace. Silence is indeed golden. #innerspaceinnerpeace #silence".



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