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The Hallmark Channel Presents Quarantine Of Love

By Danny Neary

Molly was always so focused on her career she never had time for romance. She never had time for much of anything... Until now. She's stuck at home during the quarantine pretending to work and slowly realizing office jobs really only take two hours a day if you cut out all the meetings about new office chairs. But now she's on her couch all day just trying to relax, or at least she was until she heard the banging of a handsome stranger. And now she's about to find out that sometimes love comes, in the least romantic of times.

Molly wasn't looking for love when she went upstairs to complain about the noise from a socially safe distance but that's what she found. She knew the first time she touched elbows with Chris that this was the start of something new.

With everything closed these two are about to feel what it's like to get close to someone 6 feet away. Chris and Molly knew the second they accidentally touched hands, paused to stare into each other's eyes... and immediately reach for their hand sanitizer that the only thing they were catching was feelings.

Love is never clean, but this quarantine might just turn into a quaran-team. What started as a random meeting turned into asking to borrow toilet paper, which turned into signing marriage papers. Sometimes love is just like a pandemic, it comes when you least expect it and you just have to let it in.

*The Hallmark channel is not a healthcare provider. Please do not let the coroanvirus in, stay home and hide in terror*



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