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More On The Bright Side Of Covid19

By Danny Neary

In the spirit of Lin Manuel Miranda tucking you in at night and Madonna's rose petal bath we'd like to express our hope that we can all come together during this crisis. You may be strolling but don't be angry or scared just press those emotions deep down and look for the helpers, if you can find them in between the angry mobs outside Baskin Robbins'. Here are a few good things to think about during the coroanvrius crisis and quarantine.

1. Being called a hero for being forced to work in unsafe conditions sounds a lot better than what rich people really mean, a peasant.

2. When we inevitably reopen way too soon it's going to feel so good getting back to making money for your boss!

3. Being a doomsday prepper no longer seems insane.

4. If you can't afford bread Nancy Pelosi suggests cheering up with some Jeni's ice cream!

5. Soon you'll be able to do your job that was proved to be both non-essential and easily done from home back in the office with your favorite managers right over your shoulder.



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