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Intelligent Humans Act Shocked When Unintelligent Humans Still Don’t Care

by Bradley Moore

ANYWHERE, USA - For the better part of the last year, a faction of science-believing, doctor-trusting, mask-wearing, pro-vaxxers have been flabbergasted by a larger faction of the American population that don’t seem to give a flying hockey puck about anything, but themselves – and even then, not even themselves. Now, with vaccine rollout on a terrific pace, intelligent humans want the humans of lesser intelligence to just hold on. Don’t rush reopening. Keep wearing masks. We are almost there. Sadly, the superior, intelligent humans are asking brainwashed, lesser humans to all of a sudden care about something that they never cared about in the first place.

What is the reason for their lack of care and concern? Is it Constitutional rights? That is what they barked when asked to wear masks. Is it that the vaccine came about to quickly? That is what they roared when the vaccine became available. In truth, it is probably more about not knowing one single accurate fact about anything that they talk about. Millions and millions and millions of people have taken the vaccine, including almost every doctor on the planet. If there was reason for immediate concern, we would know something by now. But that would require an understanding of facts. These unintelligibles don’t like facts because then they would have to start believing in things that are rational and based in truth. Not. Their. Jam.

Masks and vaccines not only protect others, but definitely protect the wearer and the person connected to the arm that the jab went into. So, if you really don’t care about others, at least do it for yourself. It is time to be selfish. You know, that thing that you have already been doing for the last year. What’s next? Are you gonna start not wearing seatbelts and condoms? Yeah. Probably already crossed that bridge, huh?



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