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Disgusting: Adorable Baby Otters Play And Laugh While The Trans Community's Rights Are Stripped Away

By Danny Neary

Wow, could these adorable baby otters be any more insensitive? Just look at all their cute baby otter faces laughing and playing while the Trump administration rips away the rights of the transgender community. Who do they think they are?! These adorable otters seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that we have a Vice President who is completely transphobic, not to mention the fact that he's in favor of conversion therapy! The only therapy these otters seem concerned with is laughter therapy, as if their adorable smiles and cute little paws are going to protect the trans community from a Republican controlled supreme court. Maybe if these innocent baby otters stopped playing and laughing for even a minute they might actually have time to hit the streets in protest of the hateful, transphobic rhetoric of our current administration. If these baby otters were any less concerned about the trans community they might as well be a group of adorable Republican senators. These playful little baby otters’ happy go lucky attitude is what got us into this mess in the first place. These baby otters deserve to be arrested for their ambivalence towards the LGBTQ+ community or just for being so darn cute.



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