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Democrats Criticize Melania Trump's Clothing Choice For Public Execution

By Danny Neary

WASHINGTON - Today the First Lady, Melania Trump is in the news again, not for anything she said or did at President Trump's latest public execution of a dissenting journalist but once again for her fashion choices. While introducing her husband, and warning her subordinates that any protestors would be met with even swifter force during her husband's third term, Melania Trump wore a forest green jacket and a tan hat reminiscent of the wardrobe worn by men like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, only further linking Trump's far right authoritarianism to former leaders opposed to everything he stands for.

New York City fashion critic Stephanie Lorenzo noted "It's really disrespectful, the politics of murdering a journalist and whistleblower aside this is just a bad look and really not even in season." As usual, the First Lady's controversial fashion choices sparked much discussion on Twitter, with several large liberal twitter personalities weighing in on how hurt they were by Mrs. Trump's outfit. "It was really just a slap in the fact to us all" said Jeff Palmer, head of the Palmer Report, adding "If you're going to publicly execute someone at least have the decency to wear something respectful. You never would have seen Barbara Bush in that outfit if her husband's executions had been public." At press time Melania Trump had responded to her critics saying that she'll wear whatever she wants and hopes next time people are more focused on the impressive, and swift way her husband deals with Antifa activists rather than her outfit choices.



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