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Charlie's Mom Reacts To Grandpa Joe's Dance

By Danny Neary

Oh, wow. It's a miracle. Who knew you could walk haha, not me. I've been making you cabbage soup for 20 years. So not me... Oh, now you're dancing? Haha. Full time. Full time working for my son and his four grandparents haha who knew you could dance?!

Cabbage soup for four old people in the same bed hahahahahaha That's been fun! You know how bad a bed with four people who eat nothing but cabbage smells? Not good, haha. But oh, I don't mind.

Oh yes, Grandpa Joe. Go to the magical chocolate factory filled with amazement and wonder. Tell me all about it, I'll just be scrubbing these clothes, same thing I've done every day, for eighteen years. Have fun in the world of pure imagination!!!! Ahhh!!!!!!



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