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Help I'm Lost In The Woods! It's so Beautiful, YOU need to get into hiking but Please Come Find me

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

By Danny Neary

Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful out here and it's only a 45 minute drive from the city. You really need to spend a Saturday out here, you would love it! In the meantime though can you please come find me before it gets dark? I started walking along the trail and it was just so incredible that I got lost in the majesty of the natural world around me. I still can't believe you don't go hiking, I swear you will be addicted once you start! Anyways, I'm very, very lost and may or may not have sprained my ankle. If you could please come and find me that'd be great. I'm right by some truly breathtaking sequoias and an adorable little squirrel who might be me from a past life or the one I saw two hours ago when I first lost track of where I was going.

So, are you on your way? Good, I'm so glad you're finally getting out here to hike you won't regret it. Yeah, no of course I know you're just coming to save me but I think as soon as you get here you'll fall in love with it and want to finally become a member at REI. It really is a lovely day, I mean yeah it's getting a little cold and the coyotes are starting to howl but other than that it's simply transcendent. Maybe when you get here we'll have time to take some photos and... Oh, you just want to go immediately after you save me? You don't want to risk getting lost yourself? Well, I mean that makes sense but honestly not everyone who wanders is lost... But me yes, I am very, very lost. Please come get me in these beautiful woods so I don't die here and can come back with you and Sarah next weekend!



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