Blue State Christmas: Stories Of Joy

By Danny Neary

"Spread Joy for things going back to normal for people like me!"

This Christmas give your stupid, unemployed Uncle the gift that keeps on giving. A subscription to The New York Times, or as he may know it, the Failing New York Times. Maybe after he reads this great coverage and can start to make out the connection between Putin and the spiking prices of corn, he'll understand he was duped by a con-man and stop believing all his crazy conspiracy theories! Thank you brave staff at The New York Times Merry Christmas! And a С Рождеством to you Uncle John!

And of course we can't forget to wish a Happy Holiday to Joe Biden! Thank you you wonderful, compassionate man. You're like the new John Wayne, everyone loves you! Biden shook off all the attacks from the Republicans who tried to lie and say he planned to make life better for people by promising to get us back to the normal, idyllic world we lived in before Trump. Biden, like Santa is no so