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Nancy Safavi

Meet LIT's Executive & Artistic Director

Nancy Safavi

"Nancy has an incredible eye for improv. She can easily watch scenes and find new ways to strengthen them."

"Good feedback and helps us understand the 'why' when something isn't working."

"She is great at bringing a sketch idea on paper to life on stage in creative and hilarious ways."

"She provides specific feedback and is direct."

"She brings a lot of joy to the atmosphere and clearly loves what she does."

"Nancy has been a fabulous instructor. Such an enjoyable class and wonderful teacher."


About Nancy

Nancy wants nothing more than to help those at LIT find their funny. She is a performer, writer, director and producer, who has performed on various stages across DC and numerous comedy festivals around the country with Hot & Sweaty. She has produced, directed and performed in over several hundred shows and is known for giving stage time to performers of all kinds and levels. She sees your potential before you do.

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